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Everybody’s gone for quick, sure fire solution
But faith in any God is gonna bury us all
No one’s gonna fight in a ten-bomb revolution
Have faith in what you’ve got and it will carry us all

Oasis “Carry Us All”

2012 - The year of the…wha?

Another year, another apocalypse survived, another post to share my most-listened to tracks of the year. In case you’d like to see my year end posts from the past, here they be:

2011 (well thought-out and organized)
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Anyway, on to this year. Went to some AWESOME shows this year. Radiohead/Other Lives in Dallas in March.

Noel Gallager in Vegas

Then I flew to Vegas to see NOEL GALLAGHER in April. Did I mention that I waited 15 years to see him live? AND I TRAVELED 1,200 MILES TO SEE HIM? Yeah, I did. I have a problem. Then I saw him again in November in Dallas. If that Mayans would’ve been right, it would’ve been okay.

Saw the Flaming Lips in Arkansas with the wonderful Chrome Pony opening for them. That was awesome. We also fit ourselves into a phone booth on the way back, that was fun.

So now, I bring you…my top tracks/soundtrack to the year. None of them are new, which is kinda lame and weird. Oh well.

5. The Radha Krishna Temple “Hare Krishna Mantra”

One of my resolutions for 2012 was to try to get my mediation down to at least a daily practice. While I did slip up a few times this year, all in all, it’s made me a more compassionate person and has helped with stress/depression/bad days/jerks/life. I highly suggest mediation as a daily practice for everyone, spiritual or not. 

Anyway, this is one of my favorite recorded mantras. While I normally do a lot of Om Mani Padme Hum and other Buddhist mantras, I feel this one is a great sense of celebration. I plug this tune in when I’m in the car & need to focus (obviously on driving as well as other things). Anyway, check it.

4. Richard Hawley “Tonight the Streets Are Ours”

Okay, so where was I when he began releasing solo albums? Also, I’m sorely disappointed in my homies for not letting me know that a former member of the Longpigs even had albums. An all around failure.

It’s just catchy and feel-good. 

"No one else can haunt me the way that you can haunt me."

3. The Stone Roses “Ten Storey Love Song”

I just really love the Stone Roses.

2. Neko Case “I Wish I Was the Moon”

If you know me in real life, you’ll know that I’ve had an interesting year. I lost two friends and a family member in May, and decided to work full-time on my business in September. It’s been rough…and I have my days.

I love this song. I love Neko Case. This is my go-to “GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS” song. So…enjoy.

1. Miles Kane “Come Closer”

Yeah yeah yeah…I just jumped on the Miles Kane bandwagon this year. YES. I know this album is well over a year old. YES. I know he & Alex Turner have the Last Shadow Puppets. NO. I was not completely oblivious to his existence.

Here’s the deal, I knew I’d like him. I knew I’d get obsessive about listening to his stuff. So, like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Camera Obscura, Jeff Buckley and Twilight before him, I avoided the hell outta the boy (don’t ask me why I do it, I just do). And then I broke down and that’s why this is my number 1 most listened to track of the year.


Onto the ARTISTS, the video that follows each is my top-played track from each artist for the year.

1. Oasis - Does this really surprise you?

Most played track by them this year, and the first song I learned how to play on the guitar.

2. Rufus Wainwright

3. Radiohead

4. Miles Kane

Yeah, we already know the song was Come Closer…lol.

5. Bob Dylan

6. The Stone Roses

And this one is of course mentioned above as well.

7. Belle & Sebastian

This song just makes me want to dance, every damn time I hear it.

8. The Beatles

Love & miss George.

9. Kula Shaker

10. The Last Shadow Puppets

11. Neko Case

Yeah, yeah…it’s above.

12. Air

The husband will be proud of me for this addition.

13. Lightspeed Champion

14. Chrome Pony


15. Jens Lekman

Well there is it guys. Another year, another post. Hope you enjoy the tunes. :)

Interviewing Noel Gallagher tomorrow? Pshhh.

Shannon: well now i've gotta learn more about the guy i'm interviewing tomorrow

Andy: Noel Gallagher...rock and pop star perchance?

Shannon: i wish….oh i wish. i wouldn't have to prepare for that one!

Andrew: i'm sure he must know something you'd like to know, but don't yet

Shannon: i just want him to confirm that i'm the reason he came back to the US to play

I asked him to play Dallas...he saw me in Vegas, knew it was meant to be, and then played Dallas

he's just too nervous to leave his wife you know…with the baby and all

but it'll happen

Andrew: i shoulda guessed!

Shannon: i've been a very patient girl

Andrew: too patient he might say!

Shannon: oh some might say that....*boom*tish*

So, this is Noel. (by thedigsy)
It took 17 FREAKING years for me to see him live, but it was worth every single second.

So, this is Noel. (by thedigsy)

It took 17 FREAKING years for me to see him live, but it was worth every single second.

2011: My Most Played Tracks

It’s nearly the end of 2011, so of course it’s time for all of those year-end lists. Some are new tracks, most are old favorites, but all are fantastic listens. Here’s my list of most played tracks of 2011:

1. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying BirdsThe Death of You and Me

2011 marked the return of my absolute favorite musician to the limelight, Noel Gallagher. As the chief songwriting force behind Britpop mega-band, Oasis, he coined masterpieces like: Live Forever, Wonderwall, Slide Away, Don’t Look Back In AngerAcquiesce, Champagne Supernova, Stop Crying Your Heart Out and many more.

This past summer, he announced that he’d be releasing not one, but two solo albums in the coming year. “The Death of You and Me” is the first solo single & I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty freaking awesome.  

 2. Belle and SebastianFunny Little Frog

Not quite sure exactly what it was about this song to make me latch on to it so much this year. It’s damn catchy, peppy, puts you in a good mood & plus, it’s just about the coolest song about the Virgin Mary. It’ll make you want to dance…while cleaning. 

3. Kula ShakerWinter’s Call

No song is complete without an organ, and if you can’t have that, then you at least need a gospel choir of some sort. Kula Shaker has long been one of my favorites in regard to adding an organ in a way it seems only the Doors have truly been successful at doing. “Winter’s Call” is so hauntingly beautiful. It’s a dirge that sucks you in and pulls you back out again slowly. And you want out, you’ll find yourself rocking slowly, like you can make it through even the darkest of nights. March on!

4. The Stone RosesMade Of Stone

It’s official, this is my favorite song. No idea why it’s taken me this long.

Don’t these times, fill your eyes?

5. PulpMis-Shapes

We want your homes,
We want your lives,
We want the things you won’t allow us.
We won’t use guns,
We won’t use bombs,
We’ll use the one thing we’ve got more of - that’s our minds. 

I think that’s pretty fitting for a year filled with revolutions, occupy movements and all sorts of general protest.

6. Chrome PonyEverything All the Time (Feat. Crystal Vision)

By far, my favorite local act. A friend of mine & I saw Chrome Pony with Crystal Vision at a show in Norman over a year ago. We had no idea who/what they were, but when the music started & we were subject to the incredible stage presence of the Chrome Pony, we knew we’d found something. Truly amazing and damn catchy music, plus, he’s a damn rockstar on stage!

7. Hey Rosetta!New Goodbye

I can’t remember where I heard this group first (probably from The Spy), but this song has latched on to my soul. The end of this song, with the chorus singing & overwhelming layers of sound envelopes your being and leaves you with a warm fuzzy.

8. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying BirdsIf I Had a gun

Did I mention that Noel Gallagher released his first solo album this year? Oh, yeah, I did. Well, here’s another single from that album, and my favorite from it, “If I Had a Gun”.

I’m waiting for the moment for my heart to be unbroken by the sea.

9. Born RuffiansI Need a Life

First heard this song when Born Ruffians opened for Franz Ferdinand at the House of Blue in Dallas. This quirky bunch gave life to one of my favorite albums, Red, Yellow or Blue. It’s definitely a fun song to do a lil dance to.

10. New OrderAge of Consent

I do love me some New Order. Not sure if it’s possible to have too much New Order in your record collection. Joy Division, maybe…I mean there are really only so many versions of “Transmission” one can handle. But New Order always seems to get it right in terms of balance. The right amount of angst and contentment always seems to be present in their recordings.